Billy Pang, MPP for Markham-Unionville Debates Private Member’s Bill, Bill 270 Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week Act, 2021

Published on April 16, 2021

April 16th, 2021


QUEEN’S PARK – This week, Markham-Unionville MPP, Billy Pang, debated his second Private Member’s Bill in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. MPP Pang was pleased to receive support from his Parliamentary colleagues and hear from his colleagues on how Bill 270 will benefit Ontario’s communities, as Bill 270 passes Second Reading.


The Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week Act, 2021 aims to show appreciation to seniors for their volunteering work and motivate seniors to continue volunteering, by proclaiming the first seven days of June in each year as Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week. During this week, Ontarians are encouraged to wear a yellow-coloured item to display their appreciation.


During the debate, MPP Pang touched on the feedback shared with him from constituents, local senior volunteers and stakeholders of Markham-Unionville.


“On April 9th, I held my first consultation for Bill 270. The response I have received from the consultation has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Pang. “It was a pleasure to speak and hear directly from a number of local organizations and senior volunteers of Markham-Unionville. Their whole-hearted support towards Bill 270, their volunteering stories, and the benefits they personally experience from volunteering were so encouraging and touching.Those who could not attend the zoom consultation on that day, I also want to thank them for sharing their feedback through my survey.”


As Bill 270 continues through the Legislative process, MPP Pang looks forward to continuing to consult with local stakeholders of Markham-Unionville and communities across Ontario to obtain more feedback on Bill 270 and how this Bill can be further improved.


The survey for Bill 270 Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week Act, 2021 will remain open to Ontarians and can be accessed HERE


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Kitty Huang | Legislative Assistant 

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