MPP Billy Pang Introduces PMB to Appreciate Senior Volunteers

Published on March 30, 2021

March 30th, 2021

QUEEN'S PARK – Today, Billy Pang, MPP for Markham-Unionville, introduced his second Private Members' Bill in the Legislative Assembly, aimed to acknowledge senior volunteers across Ontario. The Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week Act, 2021, sets to proclaim the seven days of June in each year as Senior Volunteer Appreciation Week. During that week, all Ontarians who interact with a senior volunteer are encouraged to wear a yellow-coloured item to display their appreciation.


“I am pleased to introduce my Private Member’s Bill today,” Pang said. “Bill 270 sets to recognize the many and different ways our seniors have influenced Markham-Unionville and communities across Ontario through volunteering.”


An estimate of over half a million seniors in Ontario volunteer, both in formal and informal ways. Instances could include familial settings through such activities as providing childcare for family members. Formal volunteer efforts may also take place in the health, educational, religious and entrepreneurial sectors.


“Our seniors across Ontario have helped build our province,” said Pang. “Throughout their working years and into retirement, seniors have proceeded to lend a helping hand to our communities through their volunteer work. It is time to recognize them for their tireless effort.”


Volunteering has also demonstrated positive benefits for seniors. In addition to providing a sense of accomplishment and belonging to the community, volunteering can also reduce social isolation and provide an opportunity to build on life experiences in a positive way.


“I hope that through this Private Member's Bill, it will further strengthen the relationship our communities have with our senior volunteers and encourage our seniors to continue volunteering,” Pang said. “I look forward to speaking more about Bill 270 in the Legislative Chamber, and sharing the Bill to constituents of Markham-Unionville and communities all across Ontario.”



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