Ontario Partners with MLSE LaunchPad to Help Youth Get Employment Ready

Published on March 17, 2021

Funding to connect young people with hands-on training and job placements

The Ontario government is providing $1 million over three years to MLSE LaunchPad’s employment programs to help youth facing barriers in Toronto access opportunities. MLSE LaunchPad is a place where youth use sport to recognize and reach their full potential. It also connects them with opportunities for skills development through hands-on training, job placements, coaching and mentorship opportunities.

“Our government is committed to helping all children and youth develop their skills so they fulfill their dreams and establish a successful career,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services. “By investing in MLSE LaunchPad’s employment programs, we are increasing access to skills development, helping youth overcome their barriers and opening the door to future employment opportunities.”

Statistically, young people in Ontario have a disproportionately higher unemployment rate than the general population and are overrepresented in precarious, low-wage work. For youth facing systemic and structural barriers, access to learning opportunities such as skills training, work experience and other support can lead to improved economic outcomes such as higher income and better job retention.

“We believe creating further employment opportunities for youth facing barriers through training that combines classroom and sport learning is more important now than ever,” said Tanya Mruck, Executive Director, MLSE LaunchPad. “MLSE LaunchPad’s employment programs have provided life-changing opportunities for hundreds of Canadian youth facing barriers. With this new funding from the Ontario government, our programs will continue to help our youth recognize and reach their potential, offering them meaningful employment opportunities during this time of unprecedented challenges and beyond.”

In addition to MLSE LaunchPad funding, Ontario is investing $60 million over three years to enhance the Black Youth Action Plan, which works toward eliminating systemic, race-based disparities by increasing opportunities for Black children, youth and families across the province.


more details at https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/60770/ontario-partners-with-mlse-launchpad-to-help-youth-get-employment-ready